Why Nike vs Adidas 2015 is gonna suck


Words by Sam Arojo

Nike vs Adidas has been a battle that’s raged for decades. The almighty swoosh against the avant garde three striped brand is as famous as Pepsi vs Coke, Biggie vs Tupac or Peter Griffin versus that giant yellow chicken thing.

The battle has really been heating up over the last few years with disputes over knitted technology patents, the race for a truly modern design and the tug of war for creative manchild Kanye West. We’re already seeing moves being made this year with Adidas’ Reserve app followed closely by Nike’s Snkrs app.

These battles have mostly resulted in great things for us the consumer, Flyknits/Primeknits and ZX Flux/Roshe Run are two recent positives from the age old showdown but this year, I reckon the battle between these two powerhouses is going to be a bit poo.

Nike have a tried and tested arsenal of air soled footwear that they can churn out again and again in new colourways and materials. Adidas also have a fine lineup of crowd pleasers but nowadays are working on putting out more obscure designs under their Originals umbrella.


Remember these gems?!

It’s because of this that it’s not too hard to know what to expect from the two. A new season of Air Maxes and if Lunar soles are the current tech Nike are pushing then that’s what’s going on the sole. Nike will re-release and retro and re-release again all at a higher price each time (looking at you Air Structure). While Adidas will pick from their plethora of designers/rappers/people off Tumblr to put out conceptual shit no one outside of the gentrified part of London will wear.

Last year Adidas put out pairs by Jeremy Scott, Raf Simmons, Pharrell, Big Sean, and erm… 2Chainz. The list goes on but the question is where are they now? I’m not saying they were bad pairs, but how many times can you hype up a shoe we all know no one will care about in a month from now? I’m not dismissing all the brand did last year but it seems their aim is to throw out as many celebrity endorsed pairs as possible and see what happens. The more our lives become about celebrity, the more Adidas will throw out these pairs.

Nike are just as much of a concern in terms of putting out stuff that’s destined for the sale section. Colourway after colourway without much new or inspired design is very much the norm for company who’d rather us just buy it than just do it.

The Huarache was a perfect example of Nike's regurgitate strategy.

The Huarache was a perfect example of Nike’s regurgitate strategy in 2014.

Neither of these are reasons to boycott either brand just yet but the amount of subpar and meh pairs we’re going to get in 2015 is going to be wild. After all how else do footwear companies compete but by putting out product?

The real problem here, and here’s where I’m going to sound like an old man is just who these footwear giants are aiming their products at nowadays. “The kids”. My christ I sound 200 years old, but it’s true. The winner of Nike and Adidas’ battle this year will be decided by 17 year olds (that’s the age “the kids” are right?). Kids lead by the celebrities they love. It used to be by the athletes which played to Nike’s favour but the taste makers in the sneaker world are now musicians and the like.

The next Stan Smith or Flyknit Racer won’t come out of this year’s battle, at least I don’t think so. This is a sprint not a marathon and it’ll be a race for who gets out the next best seller rather than best shoe first.

When it comes down to it Nike will try to out-exclusive Adidas, while Adidas will try to out-weird Nike. A recipe that’s not too great for us civillians all we can do is sit tight and hope for the best, or the least worst.

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