Universal Works x Saucony


Universal Works dropped an excellent collaboration with Saucony last week – they’re genuinely very good, and I’ve been wearing mine religiously since. You can still pick up a pair from Goodhood, but in the meantime, we sat down with Universal Works’ founder David Keyte to discuss the collab. Read it below:


How did the collaboration come about?


It was through a mutual friend of mine and the head guy at Saucony in the UK. Our mutual friend is what could be called a “sneaker head” and thought something between us two might be fun. We met and agreed it would be an interesting project. Like much in life it’s about who you know!


What was the design process like? 


We tried to keep it simple, we pride ourselves in under-designing rather than over-designing so it’s our hand writing. It was all about finding out what we could change what we couldn’t finding how far we could push Suacony on the quality of materials and process, and I have to say they we great and did almost everything we asked for.


What was it about Saucony that appealed to David? And in particular, this style?


For me it was a personal thing, as I have been using their performance shoes for running for years, a strange concept for many sneaker fans, running in running shoes but that was my experience of Saucony.  They are one of the oldest companies making real running shoes. As for the style, I tried to get them to let me play with a tech performance shoe but that was out of bounds so I went for a more old school shoe that would have been a performance shoe back in the day anyway.


Aesthetically, is this a slight departure for UW? It’s not a brand I have typically associated with sportswear..


Really? I think we have ‘sort of’ always done sportswear.  Our collection has always had large elements of sports aesthetic anyway. I come from a background of football fan/ casuals into streetwear kind of vibe. In my head, when I design the collection its all about mixing sportswear with fashion with workwear. I am a guy that always wants to wear track suit pants with my blazer and sneakers with my suit

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