Drawing inspiration from one of the most culturally significant decades of American history, TSPTR’s Autumn Winter collection merges an array of influences, from the wares of G.I.s in Vietnam to the experimental, drug-fuelled counter culture that emerged during the 60s. Each reference captures the unique spirit of the time – one of colourful new ideas, anti-imperialism and student rebellion, as a generation eschewed the regimented stiffness of what came before them.


Of particular note is the Go To Hell coach jacket, encapsulating the devil-may-care attitude of exuberant US Army recruits, as they trooped off to Vietnam, unaware of the grim horrors that lay in store. Conversely, the seasonal motif of “Hold Hands, Take LSD, Find God” highlights the outlook, of the freedom-loving, war-opposing cultural rebels of the decade. Meanwhile, the drawings of Charles Schulz once again make an appearance in TSPTR’s offering, with a striking Beethoven graphic, as well as his much-loved Peanuts characters.


Another key element of TSPTR’s Autumn Winter collection is Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, which features as a key seasonal graphic. Conrad’s notions of civilised and barbarian societies, espoused in this work, became a key text for those rallying against Western colonialism and racism.


TSPTR Autumn Winter 15 blends a variety of viewpoints from 1960s America into one singular, anti-authoritarian aesthetic. You can purchase the collection at Meanwhile, check out the lookbook above.



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