TSPTR AW14 “Peanuts Football”


Top of my Christmas wishlist this year are the TSPTR “Peanuts Football” Tee and Sweatshirt, both featuring an iconic Snoopy and Woodstock graphic. We previewed the brand’s collaborative efforts with Garbstore, Colette and Journal Standard earlier this year. We’re fans of the brand in no small part due to our shared appreciation of vintage sportswear, denim and military inspired designs. For AW14 TSPTR offer a full range of items from t-shirts to coach jackets and everything in between. Along with Football there’s Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey related graphics, the latter as part of the Limited Edition Peanuts Winter Holiday special range. The Peanuts characters give these collections a touch of nostalgia, fun and with “Peanuts Football” some added ‘seasonal’ relevance, as the regular season of the NFL draws to a close. These are indeed premium products for discerning tastes, but also incorporate very wearable graphics even for old gits like myself. Get yours direct from TSPTR online HERE.

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