TSHIRTNOW / TSHIRTTHEN exhibition @ Goodhood

“The T-shirt as an icon. The T-shirt as a statement. The T-shirt as art. High end, low end, throw away or collectable, the humble T-shirt has been many things to many people. From Seditionaries to Starbucks, the blank canvas of a white tee is the ultimate messenger.”


Words by Bossman75

Goodhood brings us two exhibitions running concurrently for this year’s London Design Festival. TSHIRTNOW asks twelve of the world’s leading artist and designers in the field of graphic T-shirt design to contribute a design produced exclusively for the exhibition. TSHIRTTHEN exhibits a selection of industry defining graphic T-shirts from the past thirty years. Twelve artists and designers pushing the medium of graphic tees through visual messages and references. Featuring brands such as Braindead, Doomsday, FUCT, Gasius, Prmtvo, Peach Fuzz and TRC favourites Creation who have contributed the design below.

The exhibition will launch on Thursday 17th September with an opening reception in-store from 6.30pm – 9pm and officially run from the 19th until the 27th.



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