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It’s December and thus the inevitable slew of gift guides are about to rear their ugly head, so we’re getting in there first. Usually, we discourage people from buying needlessly at this time of year, largely because we feel there are more important aspects to the festive season, like family and booze. That said, we recognise that we are all cogs in the capitalist system, conditioned to covet, consume and reciprocate gifts. But nice shit is nice shit, so yeah, let’s go with it.


One of the few heartening aspects of the overwhelming tide of consumerism that emerges each December is the support that it can provide from small independents. Those whose labour is borne out of love, not profit, who source and manufacture with ethical concerns and generally have a desire to create should all be more deserving of our cash than faceless multinational corporations. And so, we have put together a selection of gifts from some of our favourite independent stores, brands and artists. Even if you don’t see anything you like, I urge you to support small independents with your Christmas shopping this year.

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Comme des Garcons x Monocle at W2 Store

W2 Store is a shop close to my heart, partly because I’m friends with the good folks behind the store, but also because they present a unique retailing concept with their considered products selection and support of Glasgow’s local artistic community. From lending help to the city’s School of Art, particularly in wake of the fire which devastated its historic building last year (stay tuned for more on that), to acting as a setting for local creatives to connect; they truly appreciate the community around them. Their selection of Comme des Garcons fragrances is practically unrivalled and there are few finer smells than Sugi – a collaboration between the Japanese fashion giants and Monocle magazine.
Buy it here.

Printed matter at One Good Deed Today

If you follow our Instagram, you’ll have noticed us getting a bit hyped about the latest retail concept to hit London in the form of One Good Deed Today. Their combination of solid design and pastel colours has helped create a unique store aesthetic, in which they exhibit their carefully selected array of homewares, cosmetics and printed matter. Their magazine collection, curated by Champ, eschews a lot of the typical titles you’ll find in independent stores.



Edition Scotland Scarves

Edition Scotland is a brand that we’ve featured on here a few times, because the quality of their product is unparalleled. Utilising the finest Scottish manufactures, the brand has created a collection of luxury cashmere scarves which exhibit the brand’s combination of considered colours and designs. The most charming aspect of this brand is that it is essentially a one woman operation, with everything from fabric sourcing to order packaging being handled by the brand’s founder, Jennifer Kent.

6876 x C’H’C’M

If you’re looking to push the boat out this Christmas for a particularly menswear gift, Kenneth Mackenzie’s 6876 brand have you covered. 2015 will see the brand celebrating 20 years in the game, which you can read about here. The brand’s unyielding refusal to cow tow to the rigours and egos of the fashion industry makes it one of our favourite brands here at TRC. More info here.


Cartocon Co Canvas Tote

Cartocon Co act as a brand, a shop, a studio and basically whatever the fuck they like. They’re part of a new generation of brand-cum-shops that refuse to stick to a single lane, dabbling in everything from music workshops to in-house leather goods. This tote bag, made in Scotland, features hand cut leather straps and is crafted from a sturdy 22oz canvas. Not to mention that the subtle application of a camo lining is fucking great.

Black Lodges Candles

There’s not much I can say about Black Lodges that you probably won’t already know. The creative outlet for our publisher, Steven Vogel, has became a continual source of some pretty awesome art, of late. Aside from the random releases of limited prints, there’s also some stuff for the home, such as this hand-crafted, scented candle which emits a smoky orchid scent. Everything, from the glass to the labelling, is locally sourced and the wax itself was melted, scented and poured by the man himself. Buy one here.


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