Tracey Emin: ‘The Last Great Adventure Is You’

Tracey Emin has feigned absence on multiple occasions; the irony being that nothing reeks more of the presence of the artist than their overtly intentional non-existence within the setting of their work. It’s as if they are begging the onlooker to question their non-existence, to chase them for answers.

Seen in artists who proclaim to be emotionally void, such as Kazimir Malevich, the self portrayal seems to become suddenly purer at the arrival in their life of an acceptance of ageing.

From certain perspectives it could be considered that Emin is announcing her humanity, her female nature, her personal acceptance of the existence of her age with her plethora of self-narrative nudes and autobiographical symbolism, something seen quite literally in the context of her lighting work.

Furthermore, when considering context it’s important to note the stunning setting for Emin’s latest work; The White Cube gallery, just off Bermondsey Street, is magnificently understated, yet a powerful mark upon this beautiful, creative area of London. With a glowing natural light in some areas of the gallery, and stark, white walls framed by high, illuminated ceilings the venue lays bare and unguarded the vulnerability of the artist’s nudes and propels the conversation you read in the work to be a a powerful monologue spoken from a single spotlight on an empty stage.

For more information on Bermondsey’s White Cube visit their website.

Originally posted on the Summerhill+co blog.

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