Timberland’s The Document Is PR Done Right

Sometimes brand output can be unquantifiable -in terms of reach, sales or whatever else –but it is brilliant nonetheless. Timberland’s recent Document project, led by London-based David Hellqvist, is one such form of output which, despite being limited to 500 copies, is something more brands should consider. Documenting the brand’s past, as well as examining its sub-cultural appeal, Hellqvist and his team at Document Studios have put together a publication that eschews the typical fawning PR bluster for an approach that values the people Timberland’s product has resonated with throughout its history. Is it pointless to collate all these contributions and interviews for it only to be read by a few hundred people? Some would argue so, but, from my perspective, The Document will charm so-called industry influencers and fanatics far more than any free products — which will inevitably sit in a drawer for a year after an obligatory instagram post. Is the publication a bit exclusive? Yes – and in a world where everything is accessible, that’s actually refreshing. If you can find a copy of The Document, do so, it’s very good.

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