Following the success of the Made Forever collection of SS14, The Moving Development is back with Standing Tall for AW14. If you subscribe to the newsletter and or follow the blog you’d have seen the video teaser (If not, you can watch here). It bore some resemblance to the season seven trailer for Sons Of Anarchy but as I expected this was not intentional. “I wouldn’t have a clue what the Sons of Anarchy advert looks like… I hardly watch any TV unless its football or documentaries. I always get asked if I like that program but I just don’t do TV shows… To me its just Eastenders with bikes!” I think I would have been disappointed had that not been the case.

SOA is for those of us of a certain age who do not get to enjoy the freedom (especially from bullshit) that comes with riding a motorcycle. The Moving Development is a brand that’s true to it’s beliefs of function, aesthetics and detail with collections that embrace the motorcycle lifestyle for one and all. You don’t have to be patched to be an advocate of this brand. The blog hints at staples for Autumn weather here in the UK such as a coach jacket, flannels and a hoody. Quality hardwearing garments in limited runs and practical for those of you that do ride. With a new look book imminent and a scheduled release date of the end of the month, as usual you will need to be quick to secure a piece for yourself. Once an item is gone it’s gone for good.

In anticipation of the new collection, I asked Daniel, founder of TMD, what Stand Tall meant in terms of the new collection.

“In terms of the motive behind Stand Tall… Its centred around fully supporting in what you believe in; whether it be politics, religion, sex, sports team, fashion, music taste whatever.

Too many shy away and are turned to silence due to the inability to stand their ground and stand up for what cultivates them. Social pressure is a curse and too many individuals fall victim to freely speaking their mind and supporting their belief. I’m not religious or political but recent debates have turned our social sides in to pussies and people are afraid to say their view, and that’s fucked up.

Cultures, cliques and social groups will outcast individuals based on (a potentially diminutive orientation which compiles their personality) belief because it doesn’t conform. Their profoundly ignorant ability to allow others to have a viewpoint is indecorous. Everyone should be allowed to have a cohesive debate. An evil root of prejudice runs deep in too many people, it’s like poison.

If you don’t have the balls to look past and rise above the social pressure to express your outlook, grow a fucking backbone. So I say fuck it if you have an adverse opinion to a subject matter and fuck the people who judge you for having that opinion.

Stand Tall or Don’t Stand At All.”

To quote Chibs from Sons Of Anarchy episode 1, season 7, “We’re all in brother. We love you. We trust you.”

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