The MOTUS by Vivobarefoot


Words by Bossman75

We’ve started a movement, a revolution in footwear, and the next game changer is here. We design shoes around the feet and engineer footwear that allows natural foot function, working with you, not against. We’ve created a new shoe; specialised for human movement.  It’s called the Motus. As we embark upon the next phase of our journey, we want you to join us.

Described as The Ultimate Movement Shoe and for most it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Not a retro, rework or reiteration of an existing silhouette, this is something brand new and original. First introduced in SS15 the MOTUS comes in four colours, White, Navy, Red Camo and Black and features reflective properties across the strap and heel. With a strong catalogue of running, off road and lifestyle shoes, this is the first commercially multifaceted offering from the brand. A shoe that looks as good worn with jeans as it does in the gym. Something a long time coming and really a viable game changer with regards to trend setting in minimalist shoes.

Created without compromise around patented Pure Barefoot Technology, Vivo products are the epitome of ancient wisdom with modern technology; designed in London, with a sole for every terrain, to live your life barefoot. With a Global presence, loyal base of followers and championed by people in the sports/fitness industry like Darren Natoni of Beachbody, the brand continues to grow and is driven by a passion for healthy movement in all its forms be it at the gym, in the jungle, on the court or in the urban playground.

If a shoe adds cushioning, springs, shocks, blades, pumps, or layers of lunar moon dust to it’s design, and by doing so changes the way your foot would naturally function in the absence of footwear, that shoe directly opposes the biomechanics that dictate our human movement patterns. Foot health is too important to put in the hands of other footwear companies.– Darren Natoni

Made with a super strong, thin, puncture-resistant sole and long wearing hex tread, the Motus’ traction is specially crafted to give you consistent, even grip. With its resilient rubber toe guard, Motus protects your feet through every twist and pivot of your game, allowing you to stay focussed on the main event. The reinforced strap relaxes and tightens steadily as you move, to keep your mid-foot firmly in place, whilst allowing the ankle and heel to do their thing. The V-strap gives precise hold where you need it, keeping your mid-foot firmly in place, however much you move. Not too hot, not too cold, Outlast technology adapts to thermal changes as you move, keeping your feet at optimum temperature.

Things have moved so fast both in the barefoot movement and at VIVOBAREFOOT since it’s inception over a decade ago, and you can be sure the bigger brands aware of what they are doing and the direction the footwear industry is headed. There is increasing demand for minimalist shoes as more and more research is published to support the health benefits of being barefoot and more people have first-hand experiences. Over the past few years we’ve seen more of the big brands enter the market of barefoot running shoes, arguably the most commercial example being the Nike Free sole, however Vivobarefoot remain the original and most pure barefoot experience available with no cushioning, no arch support and no heel drop.

“Over the past 5 decades the nation’s foot health has been neglected by the greedy corporations.  They’ve sold you an unobtainable, unnecessary dream and shod you in increasingly spongy, springy, ‘technology’ packed, fashion focused shoes. It’s time to make a change.”

I’ve worked in the footwear industry in various roles for both corporate and independent brands and have come to the conclusion that 99% of footwear styles are just not suitable for wearing. I will forever covet the likes of the Air Jordan V, the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 but only in terms of aesthetically innovative design. I’m now only inclined to buy a pair of shoes as if I were buying a piece of art, for collecting and display only. Over the past few years I have redefined comfort and rediscovered a ‘sense of self’ through proprioception by switching to barefoot shoes. I challenge you to do the same. Find out more about the Motus and Vivobarefoot HERE.


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