The Long Shot Experiment


Words by Bossman75

“The Long Shot Experiment is an adventure. An outlet for creativity and ideas inspired by clothing, style and culture. Initially exploring headwear, our map circumnavigates Al Pacino’s Serpico, a 1980s LL Cool J, Hunter S. Thompson and vintage zoo memorabilia. Each hat is crafted, created and numbered by hand at our workshop in Manchester. In no rush, the Long Shot Experiment creates products ‘For the insiders and the outsiders’, producing items as and when the right mix of ingredients come together. Plans are afoot for cut’n’sew items in 2016 and a collaboration with Liverpool’s best independent shop, Lost Art, later on this year. Founded by brother and sister, Mike and Jennie Holmes, a graphic designer and product developer/technical designer respectively. The pair have industry experience large and small, working as a technical designer for brands including Fred Perry and running a street wear label – Militia – in the early 2000s.”

Unless this is your first visit to the site, you’ll be well aware that we love bucket hats. My affection for them coming from seeing all three original members of Cypress Hill wearing them in a promo photo in the early 90s. In recent years the bucket has returned to become something of a street wear mainstay, with most brands finding space in their collections for at least one design. The bucket is hardly seen during the colder months (although where a corduroy or moleskin option exists this would suit), but with British Summer Time just a few weeks away it’s time to get yours. Like I said, everyone is doing one now but no one is doing it as thoroughly as The Long Shot Experiment. With meticulous research, development and production their collection demands closer inspection. I was fortunate to share a few emails with co-founder Mike and even scored a first sight of their extemporaneous look-book titled ’The Fake ID lookbook’ (below). The lookbook features the No. 010 The Bronx Zoo Keeper, the No. 007 Felix in navy moleskin, the No. 001 Felix and the No. 005 Serpico.

The brand’s introdution says all you need to know, the reference to taking time to do something right particularly compelling, and the photos should do the rest so head over to their site HERE for a truly exceptional piece of handmade British craftsmanship.





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