The HUNDREDS SS15 t-shirt collection

Words by Bossman75

The sun is finally out and you need something to wear with shorts. Look no further than The Hundreds who currently have somewhere close to two hundred options online including their latest SS15 releases. Strong use of bold graphics upon typically bright colour pallets is what you come to expect from the California brand, but what stood out for me were the many cultural references to my all but forgotten childhood. Using likenesses of the California Raisins, Sunny D, Bill and Ted, Back To The Future, Qbert, Bubble Bobble and my favourite is their reimagining of Rude Dog and the Dweebs. Entitled Rude Wally they offer the design in both long and short sleeve versions. There’s also a salute to Cross Colours (Hood) and Fila (Feel Ya) using a graphic inspired by one of the most explosive brands of the early ’90s, and an ever-familiar aesthetically reimagined “H”. Even to a fairly new fan its plain to see that The Hundreds are very good at keeping their older followers happy, and I don’t mean those there from the start, at least not intentionally. For those of you not closing in on a midlife crisis you can check out the Limited Edition range of t-shirts featuring work by artists Todd Bratrud and Jay Howell, images from photographer Van Styles as well as collaborations with CLOT, adidas, Reebok and the aforementioned Cross Colours. All photos courtesy of The Hundreds.



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