The 1 before the 1

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Words by Sam Arojo

To mark Nike’s slightly dubious holiday Air Max Day the footwear giants are releasing the Air Max Zero, a kind of new design based on sketches from the 80s of the Air Max prototype by footwear god Tinker Hatfield. The design predates the Air Max 1 (hence Nike’s “the 1 before the 1″ campaign) and in another life could have been the very first in the line of revolutionary trainers from the almighty swoosh.

As someone whose been bending over backwards for Nike since 14 I’m a little disappointed. The shoe features no boundary pushing tech like Nike’s Flywire or even specifically progressive materials like Lunarlon in its build, despite this words like revolutionary and innovative have been thrown around when describing the shoe.

A brand new design, even if obscure and dividing would have really been something to commemorate Nike’s contrived occasion. Even the complex accents and backwards swoosh of the Air Max 2015 is a better illustration of where running shoe tech is today. Instead the Zero comes across as an awkward lovechild between the Air Max Thea and the Trainerendor.

The Air Max 1 turns 28 this year and in 28 years time will we be looking back at the long illustrious history of the Air Max Zero? I doubt it but that’s Nike all over, opting to retro rather than push the new.

Still, just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t make it bad. The pair comes in a calm combination of navy and white with hints of teal. The midsole is massively reminiscent of the Air Max 1, showing what parts of this design went on to make the iconic 1987 release. Tinker Hatfield’s signature lays across the insole along with the Air Max Day date. The final touches are the dark outsole and Air inscribed on the side heel

If you do like the pair and don’t mind parting with £140 you can pick up the Air Max Zero is available from today (26 March).

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