Tantum at Veras

Yes, it is now November, but surely you know that, for me, all logic goes out the window when it comes to bucket hats. And there are few who are more adept in the field of buckets than L.A-based Tantum, who have carved a niche by applying quality and often quirky fabrics to this classic style. On this side of the Atlantic, there are few who have an eye better than Veras’ when it comes to seeking out the finest manufacturers of the headwear style – from Decho to Tantum, the retailer’s offering ranges from muted to loud, catering to everyone assuming you’re into bucket hats. This particular offering from the Californian brand is not one for the more conservative dresser, utilising an all-over Cherry print – akin to one of this season’s Supreme efforts – and a Hawaiian print that would make bucket hat pioneer, Hunter S Thompson, proud.

Available here.

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