Such & Such: Not Another Brand

Words by Milly Burroughs

Such & Such is not another design lifestyle brand. Such and Such is about great designers and makers who produce unique, handmade, luxury items.

Unfortunately, ‘hand-crafted’ is now an almost parodical description, thrown around far too many times an hour in the design industry. Brands that loiter semantically around the terms ‘limited edition’ and ‘artisan’ no longer seem to inspire hope in the heart of the consumer or critic, but the dread of a swollen price-tag and disappointing delivery.

So forgive me when I declare my most pleasant surprise upon discovering that Al and Nikki, the sibling founders of Such & Such and purveyors of simple living, are genuinely dedicated to sourcing undeniably beautiful products, and telling the tales of the inspiring designers and makers behind them.

Akin to a modern day Hansel and Gretel (sans cannibalistic, forest-dwelling witch), Al and Nikki had to spend a little time losing themselves in the foliage of life before they founded their business. For some time their careers went in different directions, Al became a lawyer, Nikki went down the creative path, working in fine art galleries, painting and later moving into interior design. More recently they both set their hearts a new direction and challenge. Subsequently, Such & Such was born.

Spoiling us with a wide spectrum of products from a range of inspiring designers and makers it’s not easy to pick favourites, however I do find myself drawn, like a moth to a very Nordic looking flame, to their homeware collection. Topping out my wish-list are the hanging test-tube vases by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, the ‘last piece’ wooden cheese boards by Hatchett & Bear, the Clement & Claude candles and the Ding Dong indoor swing by Kaaita. In addition, be sure to check out their outstanding range of leather and textile lifestyle accessories.

You can keep up with Such & Such on their journal, Twitter and Instagram, or shop the full collection here.

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