Such & Such No.4 Backpack


Such & Such make the kind of furniture and homeware I envisage being in my home. It will be one of those homes that are truly tasteful enough to described as “curated.” My pile of unread Inventorys and Apartamentos will sit beautifully on my reclaimed wood dining table, and my Nordic chopping board will be the envy of all my friends at our bi-weekly cheese and wine nights. But, then again, I can’t afford a £600 dining table, nor do I host cheese and wine nights. I also have no friends. But I do like suitably rugged bags in a nice canvas, because part of me still yearns for those Heritage #Menswear days. I think I’ll buy one of these instead and work my way up to the dining table.

You’ll be able to buy one from the brand’s pop up shop in South Kensigton. Details here.

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