Stutterheim Autumn Winter 15

Words by Calum Gordon


When it comes to rubberised rainwear, there are a slew of options – most of which hail from the shores of Scandinavia, where many have found that the utilitarian nature of fisherman jackets can be just as practical in the city. Yet, despite the array of choice, there are few who execute this style better than Stutterheim. The Swedish brand’s meticulous approach to detailing and apparent care for how each garment fits ensures that their outerwear offering is elevated far beyond many of its peers. But, what also attracts me to Stutterheim over a host of competitors is that they don’t appear to have settled at just doing one thing very well in a selection of simple colours – despite this probably being the most profitable facet of their business. Instead, Autumn Winter 15 sees the brand expand its horizons, offering rubberised but undeniably stylish takes on classic silhouettes, such as the biker jacket and the peacoat, as well as providing an interesting colour palette, as matte pastels sit alongside shocking wet-look reds and blues. For a collection that could quite easily succumb to the pitfalls of banality, Stutterheim AW15 presents a quite beautiful Nordic aesthetic. It is described by the brand as “Swedish melancholy at its driest,” and while I’m not usually one to be sucked in by PR bluster, the phrase is incredibly apt.

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