Sons Of Anarchy x TGF



Leather, bar fights, chrome, loud pipes and heavy metal. With club names like Devils Diciples, The Diablos, Grim Reapers, Hells Angels, Sons Of Satan, bikers are far from subtle. Following the release of the Wes Lang Chief and Reaper rings, The Great Frog have announced an official collaboration with Kurt Sutter’s outlaw biker TV series Sons Of Anarchy. Coinciding with the final episodes fans of the show can show their allegiance and appreciation by purchasing and wearing either the Reaper or SOA skull ring. With the success of the TV series there is a lot of merchandise available but you have to be careful, wearing a patch could well get you served a cocktail of your own teeth. You can achieve the biker look, free from an ass kicking, with a leather jacket from Black Skulls, a flannel shirt from The Moving Development, a pair of Norton x Clarks boots. Grab a case of beer, a crow eater and put Tension Release the latest mix from Black Lodges on blast.

Keep your eyes on The Great Frog’s site HERE for release date and pricing info.



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