Saucony Grid 9000 Snow Beach


Its got to take something pretty special to bring me out of my hiatus from dropping knowledge on fine internet establishments such as this one and this pair of Saucony’s are just that damn special.

The creative effort of Packer Shoes, Saucony, Just Blaze and Raekwon, although the efforts of the latter two are questionable, well it was a Raekwon outfit that provided the inspiration and Just Blaze hasn’t stopped talking about them since their birth but I guess arguing who did what isn’t so important when the shoes look this bloody good.

If you can’t tell by now I love them, like really love them. The Saucony Grid 9000 isn’t the easiest shoe to love given all its intersecting lines, accents and little details. It can all be a bit of a cluster f*ck. However, with a palette of just three colours, ok four if you include the black, ok five if you include the white. Five. Made up of a five colour palette these aren’t too much for the senses at all.

Made up of navy suede and yellow fabric the pair features red and black accents on the upper. The midsole contrasts the upper in clean white with even more navy accents. A navy outsole completes the silhouette. Fun fact to impress your mates, the materials used on the shoe are the same used on the actual Polo pullover that inspired it.

Inspired by the Ralph Lauren sporting goods that were so desired in the early 90s, apparel that is still pretty desired today. The Snow Beach moniker comes from a certain fleece by the brand that was popular around the early/mid 90s, made famous by Wu Tang member Raekwon in the video for all time classic (and my favourite Wu release) Can It All Be So Simple.

The shoes are oh so special because their bespoke look cries nostalgia, the colour combo is so iconic yet the simple colourway the revived runner is enough to attract non Wu Tang aficionados.

The Snow Beach 9000’s dropped 8 August stateside so good luck tracking down a pair of your own.

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