Run Forrest Run!


Are you tired of all these overhyped, overpriced fancy pancy releases? Well the Nike Cortez releases (again) this weekend and is a king of iconic design. Apple has the Macbook, Coca Cola has red cans and Hood By Air has ridiculous outfits. Well Nike has the Cortez. I mean really, has there ever been a shoe that represents a brand so well?

Birthed way back in 1972 the Cortez was revolutionary. Some clever thinking from track coach and Nike co-founder (a little knowledge for you there) Bill Bowerman saw the inclusion of a thick and long-lasting herringbone rubber outer sole and what was a first at the time, a full-length midsole made from dual-density foam. The foam is spread about the sole unevenly to counter the varying impact our feet make with the ground when running. The shoe was build with comfort and durability in mind and was once considered the benchmark for all running shoes.

But enough with the history lesson, these latest retro’s feature a premium leather upper, foam tongue and the full-length foam midsole makes a return. The shoes arrive in their OG Varsity Red colourway for extra nostalgia. You may remember these from the movie Forest Gump where the normcore gawd donned a pair to run and run and run. Don’t even remember where he was running to… Good movie though.

Landing in most retailers as of Saturday 28th Feb, expect there to be some interest ever since a certain rapper named dropped them on a certain verse (looking at you Kendrick Lamar). The word classic gets thrown around so much these days but in the case of the Cortez it really is the perfect adjective.





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