Reflecting Upon the Mechanisms of Appreciation & Appropriation in Eastern Cultures



When it comes to fashion journalism, there are some truly wonderful journalists. There are few who could rival Tim Blanks in terms of insight or his command of the English language. And he is not alone; there are several of his peers who are also excellent writers. Business of Fashion continues to provide excellent long form journalism for an Internet audience and there is a host of print magazines that provide thoughtful content. Within the realms of streetwear, however, there is an absolute dearth of quality. It is an industry that not only rose to prominence around the advent of social media, but its graphic led nature lends itself perfectly to that medium. As a result, Buzzfeed style lists have become the norm and the majority of streetwear media outlets have become mere conduits for press releases. When any form of independent journalism does occur, it usually says very little – scratching the surface, but not enough for fear of offending anyone. It is an industry laden with advertorials, but no analysis or contextualisation. The Cult of the Amateur has became increasingly prevalent, particularly in a field which never had any journalistic institutions to erode in the first place

The exception that proves the rule is fuckinyeh – a website which is entirely substance over style and the most thoughtful, independent voice on streetwear. This morning he posted his latest article, “Defining Sincerity – Reflecting Upon the Mechanisms of Appreciation & Appropriation in Eastern Cultures.” It’s refreshing to read an article on something that I’m interested in that delves deeper than aesthetics. If you’re going to read anything clothes related today, read this.

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