Reebok Classics: ‘Give Me Your Classics And I’ll Show You The Future’

Heritage is a wonderful thing. And I’m not talking about that bearded costume bollocks, but genuine heritage and an understanding of a brand beyond simply how it looks. While there are other footwear brands which are synonymous with certain British subcultures of the past 50 years, few have touched so many as Reebok. Yet, it is easy to be consumed by the past, and that isn’t what this Reebok campaign is about. No, while a healthy understanding of what has gone before is a good thing, the ability of current generations to form their own forms and parameters of youth culture is far more important. Reebok’s understanding of this has led to them teaming up with Rig Out for this promotional film entitled, “Give Me Your Classics And I’ll Show You The Future.” It is both a nod to the past work of Reebok – with opening scenes featuring a landscape which gives a subtle nod to 90s rave culture – but with a gradual progression into contemporary creativity. This celebration of the present and those who are shaping youth culture is not only beautifully put together, but much needed against a backdrop of mawkish 90s nostalgia. Those who are making music, magazines or anything else of note for that matter, challenge us to focus on the present and the future. If the past is anything to go by, Reebok will remain important in the formation of the future of British youth.

You can view the Anthony Crook-directed film here as well as still photography from Joshua Gordon.


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