Proper Magazine Issue 16


Proper Magazine have just released their 16th issue, which is an achievement in itself, but this looks like their best one yet. The magazine remains one of the funniest, pretence-free menswear publications on the market, appealing to a British consumer that has an affinity for New Order but probably wouldn’t want to see it emblazoned on the back of a Raf Simons coat. That market – lads who enjoy insightful journalism, quality clothing and have an aversion to industry marketing bullshit – is surprisingly large but rarely catered for. Proper are one of the few who do so, and certainly the best. Expect the following features in Proper 16:

– An exclusive interview with adidas aficionado Gary Aspden, who talks us through his trip to Buenos Aires and provides us with similarly exclusive pictorial evidence.

– Interview with founder of cult terrace brand Dupe and now the driving force behind Uniformes Generale, Adam Creed.

– Too Hot… Purveyors of the best of 1990s style Too Hot have done us an exclusive shoot which is perhaps the coolest thing we’ve ever put in our magazine.

– The Rise of the Johnhead. Prolific Internet Marksman @DanielSandison has written about Liverpool’s latest scally subculture.

Available here.

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