Phunckey Tee and Pullover – Bounty X Hunter


Words by Bossman75

I’ve revered Bounty Hunter since my introduction to Japanese streetwear back in the mid 2000s. Unlike the brands that got me interested in the scene originally, such as A Bathing Ape, Hikaru Iwanaga’s Bounty Hunter continues to create designs I have an affinity with. Using an interpretation of the skull-compass motif from the cover of the debut album, and the aptly named “The Phuncky Feel One” single by Cypress Hill, Bounty Hunter give us the Phunckey Tee and Pullover. Both come with either a red or blue skull-compass on the front, and 120% DARKSIDE JUSTICE BOUNTY HUNTER in bold on the back. Available on the typical white, grey or black colour base for approx. £35 and £83 respectively. After recently using an American Football theme, which I spoke about on TRC, they’ve released a new design that even surpasses my love for America’s sport; hip-hop circa 1991. With a new webshop that ships internationally (for a standard rate of ¥6000 mind you), acquiring the latest collections without using a proxy makes things a lot simpler. Fellow Harajuku based brand Neighborhood went one step further in 2007 with the “Latin Lingo” tee, part of the Ace of Spades collection, using the actual image from the cover but replacing Cypress Hill with Neighborhood in the same font. The “Salutations” tee from the same collection used the logo from House Of Pain’s debut album.

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