‘MINIATURE INK II’ by Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink


Words by Bossman75

Coinciding with this weekend’s International London Tattoo Convention, and the release of the Horror Issue of Things&Ink magazine, Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink have announced Miniature Ink II, a group exhibition celebrating contemporary tattoo artistry. Like last years inaugural Miniature Ink, this will feature miniature original artworks from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists. Having attended last year and thoroughly enjoying myself along with the likes of World renowned tattoo artist Lal Hardy and model/actress Cara Delevingne, I had anticipated a follow up but this one comes with an unexpected twist.


“Rather than using paper as their canvas, this year each of the contributing artists have been asked decorate an iconic object within the tattoo community: a kewpie doll.”


Until recently I had no idea what a kewpie doll was, let alone its significance in tattoo culture. I felt that as someone not totally immersed in the tattoo community, to have an exhibition using the doll as the canvas required some explaining, which the curators provide below.

“With tattoo culture exploding in popularity and becoming established as a mainstream art form, Miniature Ink II will once again showcase the breadth and variety of artistic talent within the community. Reflecting the medium’s inherent accessibility, each of the kewpies will be available to purchase at the same affordable price on a first-come, first-served basis, providing the opportunity for tattoo-lovers and art-lovers alike to own an original work by some of the most sought-after names in the industry.”

List of exhibiting artists can be found on the Atomica Gallery Facebook event page HERE. Some of the artists’ pieces I’m particularly excited about seeing are from Adam Ruff, Alex Edwards, Big Sleeps, Jon Peeler, Lianne Moule, Mister Paterson, Robert Ashby and Snappy Gomez. Many of the artists have previewed their submissions via Instagram despite the notice ‘There will be no preview list of artworks, first come first served!’.  Far from just tough-stickers painted on the dolls, expect to see highly ingenious reappropriations of comic book characters, cartoon heroes, aliens, monsters, as well as GG Allin and Katy Perry inspired dolls amongst the entries.

The idea of a room full of dolls sounds like something nightmares are made of, Tom Holland’s ‘Good-Guy’ doll (aka Chuckie) comes to mind. On the other hand there’s the Simpsons’ Mister Smithers ‘Malibu Stacey’ obsession which still errs on the creepy side. All jokes aside the art promises to be badass as does the crowd so don’t miss what’s likely to be a memorable opening evening in Covent Garden on Wednesday 23rd September. Drinks will be provided by Sailor Jerry rum and profits from the kewpie sales are being donated to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home charity.

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