Marmite for your feet

By Sam Arojo

As the weather starts to brighten up we’re going to be faced with a number of dividing events that follow the sunshine like chicks to a H&M sale. Over the coming months you’re going to have to decide just how many omg it’s so lovely outside! tweets you can stomach before you block people for stating the obvious, you’re going to have to contemplate which method of suicide to undertake when summer ends and you’ve been to zero of the festivals you said you would attend. More importantly than all that though, you’ll need to decide which side of the Air Rift debate you sit on.

The shoes have been splitting friendships (and toes) since the mid 90s,  you either love them or hate them. Many love their sleek silhouette, flexible lycra upper build and immense air cushioning. Whereas many can’t stand their split-toe Vibram like aesthetic, spitting out questions like “are those sandals?”, “why do your shoes look like pigs feet?” and “are those the new Crocs?”. Although you should only react aggressively to the last question, you’ve got to admit the cloven-hoof look is quite left field, especially when you look at what else Nike were producing in 1996, the year of the Rift’s birth.

Personally their distinct look is compelling, they have an ugliness that makes you curious, sort of like roadkill. Weird comparisons aside Nike are re-releasing these just in time for the Spring/Summer season and you can bet we’ll see a huge number of colour options by the time Summer is in full swing. From someone who re-ups on these almost annually, the comfort and ease of the Rift are well worth the questions and looks you’ll receive. Just be sure not to wear them everyday, a recipe of no socks, lycra shoes and heat has stinky consequences.

The 2015 colourways of the Nike Air Rift drop from 4th May and can be found from Nike and most good footwear outlets.

Images via Nike

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