Lyle’s Cabinet Of Curiosities


At the end of last year I received an intriguing email from rapper/producer and e-quaintance Lyle Horowitz. I knew he was on the verge of moving cross country from NY to LA. I spent a good portion of 2014 being challenged by Lyle as his projects took me out of my comfort zone and I’m a better man for it. I’m at risk of breaking the membership rules here namely “The first rule of the cabinet is that there is no cabinet”, but everyone needs to jump on this. Here’s his original email –

Dearest Friend/Collaborator/Supporter/Rando,

I’ve been toying with this idea for a little while now and am finally ready to unveil my next major musical endeavor: LYLE’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. Part-subscription service, part-fellowship, LYLE’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES begins it’s sign-up period today will officially open to subscribers on January 1st, 2015.
Here’s how it works: on the first of every month, a brand-new or previously unreleased project will be delivered to you via email. These projects will not be sent out to the press nor will they be available for individual sale outside of the service. The cabinet closes on December 1st, 2015 with the 12th and final release in the series. Some of these projects are vocal, some are instrumental, some are a mix of both.
Here’s what access to the cabinet of curiosities will run you: $24.99, just a little over $2 per project. I’m trying to keep costs as low as possible here. Upon placing your order, you will also receive access to the upcoming Blahzé Misfits remix EP prior to it’s 12/25/14 release date. All of the money I make from subscriptions is going towards my cross-country move to Los Angeles next month as well as additional production and recording equipment.
If you’re interested in opening the cabinet and taking a chance on a new method of distribution I’m curious about, please click HERE.
You will be added to the fellowship (okay, the email list, but I’m trying to make this sound mysterious while still maintaining some transparency so bare with me) and start receiving your content. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.
Truly Yours,
Lyle A. Horowitz
This opportunity fits seamlessly with Bandcamp’s newest feature, a subscription service for it’s artists. The service allows the artist to set it’s own price for subscriptions, and also choose any of their back catalogue as a bonus to it’s subscribers. With crowdfunding and in particular Kickstarter being used more and more, this could well be the future for independent music.
Since signing up I’ve received The Haunted Tour: Original Samples, Colonel Custard’s Unnecessary Remix EP and Quit Acting Stupid, You’re Going To Get Us All Killed EP. Each of these projects are decidedly different but entirely Lyle, and continue to remove me from my safe place. I have been meaning to post about the most recent Blazhé Misfits LP entitled Colonel Custard’s Lonely Dick Pic Band, which I absolutely love, but haven’t as yet. I found it was incomparable to any rap/hip-hop music in 2014, and maybe I just don’t have the right words. Get a copy via Bandcamp to hear what it is I’m unable to articulate.


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