Black Lodges Mix: Lit Like A Christmas Tree

Lit Like A Christmas Tree Vol. 1

It’s that time of year again- you got relatives and family coming around or vice versa and you’re met with the annual looks of disdain, complete ignorance, you’ll never get a real job with those tattoos and what, you still smoke? Fret not and thanks to @_nickbower for reminding me to get back on this- here’s a mix you can throw on that will at least placate the most critical of your relatives in this time stress. It’s an hour plus jam of classic blue tone jazz that you can have running on repeat that will at least give off the impression that you’re not a complete wastoid whilst drowning yourself in eggnog.

Lit Like A Christmas Tree Vol. 2

Here’s the mix to get you through this month once your relatives have left- or, if you’re down to boogie and play air guitar with your folks. It’s a mix of some classic garage / classic rock jams, with a little hair metal, proto psych and early doom thrown in for good measure. Some classics and some obscure as obscure gets jams to keep it interesting. This may well be the last of this year’s mixes unless I start drinking again over the holidays. Enjoy.

Words by Steven Vogel, mixes available via the Black Lodges Mixcloud page HERE.

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  1. Korper/Leib says:

    Listen here:

    This is the first Körper/Leib issue: a split between Aun and Rainbow Island. Both these bands are involved in perpetuating different tropes of the polyvalent term psychedelia. The latter are a central italian unit that ranges from sultriness and mental dispersion, they’re acid and groovy, in a non-danceable – but yet physic – mean. Their imaginary shifts from videoludic drugapulco to incorporeal rendition of kosmos. The first are a canadian duo with a solid background in obscure and moody music, that find here their accordance between the psychedelic-messianic moments and their dark and dense other side: a two faced monster trapped in five pieces. The first track called “Segway Death” features italian occultist Mai Mai Mai. Aun gear list features: Professional Trainer Organ and YRG Guitar. Rainbow Island gear list features: MFB Synth Lite 2, DSI MoPho, Alesis Micron, Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark I, Drums, Pure Data, Korg Electribe, ZoomH2N.


    What gave the identification character to music was negation: the designation of a music was the denial of another kind of music, in the shape of rules or restrictions. Today’s music is devoid of ideology, which lives in a mythological promise of a future gift and not in the strictly affirmative (identifier) value of the immediate trial. We consider music as a mere technical reproduction and therefore not released from its own productive apparatus: the referential function of the music-language. Technique becomes praxis. Körper/Leib shuns from the graphic-visual dominance in favor of lexicon. Körper is the material shell, Leib is the music itself. Körper/Leib as a uniform entity is the music itself. Market will not be flooded: editions of 100 cassettes.

    Ciò che regalava il carattere identificativo alla musica era la negazione: la definizione di una musica era la negazione di un altro tipo di musica, sotto forma di regole o restrizioni. Quella di oggi è una musica priva di ideologia, che vive nella promessa del futuribile e non nel valore affermativo (identificativo) dell’immediato. Noi consideriamo la musica come riproduzione tecnica e per tanto non svincolabile dal suo apparato tecnico, ovvero il referenziale del linguaggio musica. La tecnica diviene prassi. Korper/Leib rifugge l’egemonia grafico-visuale, in favore della parola. Korper, il suo guscio materiale, Leib, la musica stessa. Korper/Leib come entità è la musica stessa. Non sarà saturato il mercato: edizioni di 100 cassette.

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