It’s nice when friends make good stuff. Paul, the guy behind Thing And Where – and occasional contributor to TRC – has put together a small zine full of original photography which charts 24 hours spent in the Portuguese capital. I’ve got the utmost respect for anyone who does self-publishing, because it’s a labour of love and very rarely for great profit. Capturing the vibrant and varied nature of Lisbon, this A4 sized full-colour book presents Paul’s unique take on one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

“Following a timeline from the early morning of one weekday through to the early hours of the next, this project captures the changing face of a varied city.

The tag-line of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ refers to the two sides of the city which coexist side by side. Following chronic drug related crime and health problems (there were 100,000 drug users in the country of 10 million a decade ago), the government took the decision to decriminalise controlled substances in a bid to redefine drug abuse as a public health issue rather than a criminal one. The effect has been basically two fold; less people are becoming dependent on drugs and associated crime has therefore reduced massively (which is great) but, at the same time, the black market of drug selling and taking is openly visible in the city – and the result is fascinating. Countless drug dealers and users live, work, beg and socialise in amongst the masses of regular tourists and locals out doing their everyday activities.”

More info here.

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