Let’s Reflect on The Grammys 2015

Words by Bossman75

There is a lot of talk about Kanye invading the stage when Beck won Album of the Year. Beck took it in good humour, Kanye used it to clown and then bizarrely say that “Beck needs to respect artistry”, referring to Beyonce’s self titled album which was nominated. As far as I can tell, Kanye was genuinely aggrieved at how The Grammys treat what I assume at worst he meant as black artists (see his 2007 MTV Awards criticism after losing out to Britney Spears). At best he could have meant hip-hop artists, but then I haven’t read anywhere him saying Eminem should give his Best Rap award to Iggy Azalea. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Kanye, the self proclaimed ‘biggest rock star on the planet’, hasn’t listened to any of Beck’s previous eleven albums let alone Morning Phase. I would be surprised if he’s listened to Beyonce’s album to be honest. Because really it’s not about the music, or artistry, discrimination or any of what he says. It’s always about him and furthering his profile behind some pretence or other. Regardless of his many accolades, it seems he’d rather court controversy now than be a positive influence through any of the occupations he claims. Anyone with any musical understanding could argue that the choice of nominees were contentious, but also agree that across pretty much all the categories the winners were deserved.

Music aside, award shows should be about having fun, dressing up and entertainment. If you are taking them seriously then you need a reality check. My favourite red carpet outfit goes to Pharrell with his custom made reflective suit by adidas originals. A number of brands (particularly for AW15) are using reflective materials in their collections, but to my knowledge this is the first full suit, albeit one with shorts instead of trousers. The cut and fit looks great and really who better to wear it than Pharrell? Other notably good and bad outfits include Dave Grohl in a jean jacket and t-shirt, Ed Sheeran in Nike Air Flights along with his shirt sleeves rolled up revealing his tattoos, Sam Smith in a black suit and questionable white bow tie, Questlove wore silver metallic Nike high-tops with pink soles, and Beck was typically eclectic in a slim suit and paisley shirt. On stage Prince was afro to toe in orange whilst carrying a cane, and in the audience after his performance Kanye lounged in a purple/red velour tracksuit paired with his soon to be released Yeezy Boost 750. It’s telling that after leaked pictures of his shoes, and with their limited release imminent, Yeezy whilst not nominated for an award demanded centre stage.

In summary the real winners were Beck (Album of the Year and Best Rock Album), newcomer Sam Smith (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album) and adidas originals for Pharrell’s reflective shorts suit and shoes, and later his custom Stan Smiths (designed by Paul Mittleman) worn whilst performing ‘Happy’.


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