Leopold Albert Autumn Winter 14

One of the most refreshing aspects of menswear in recent years is that there are no longer any rules which cannot be broken. It is no longer unusual to see a structured wool coat, alongside a graphic hoodie which takes inspiration from motocross. Despite the increased possibilities for emerging designers, new challenges have also arisen – like creating a cohesive collection when there are no boundaries. Leopold Albert’s Autumn Winter offering is indicative of this new breed of designer and the collection meshes several different aesthetics to create a quite interesting reflection of the designer’s personal style. In the brand’s press release, they acknowledge that this collection is an evolutionary learning process, which builds upon the brand’s more modest Summer collection. There is a sense of youth which pulsates through this Albert’s work, with its naivety being part of its charm, as his work reflects the lack of constraints placed upon fresh-faced designers in 2014. Studied and standardised archetypal menswear brands are boring, designers like Leopold Albert are bringing something new to the conversation.

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