Lee Broom: Nouveau Rebel, LDF ’14

The London Design Festival is a big old game of parties. With so much to choose from and an impossibly tight schedule of events I don’t think I’ll be the first person to admit that you tend to pick your parties based on proximity from your tube line of preference and the quality of the free drinks.

Through no coincidence or lack of planning, Lee Broom’s elegantly petite exhibition was in his Shoreditch showroom and his exclusive (and top secret) after-party was at the E1 venue of the moment, the Ace Hotel’s rooftop bar.

Aside from being tickled by the cryptic entry to his party and (eventually) toppled by the collection’s signature cocktail, I was completely overwhelmed with lust by Broom’s newest offer to the design industry’s hungry eyes.

It only takes a quick glance over my Instagram account to recognise the marble fetishist within me, and with ‘Nouveau Rebel’ Broom has delivered ample material to get me through until my next trip to Milan. His collection of delicately sculpted and hollowed marble lights take unexpected inspiration from the traditionally brutal and sterile fluorescent tube light, more commonly associated with school halls and student accommodation than the luxury interiors of bars, restaurants and residences of the wealthier percentiles of society. An almost perfectly blended balance of Russian opulence and excess and traditionally classic Italian materials, the use of stunning Carrara marble with these contemporary forms and manufacturing processes brings to life the admittedly, “Tongue-in-cheek reference to the cultural associations of marble,” which forges the basis of the collection’. 

Not one to take himself too seriously, Lee Broom has breathed his perpetually youthful design perspective into a traditional, luxury material, much like the all-glittering, all-dancing six foot tall drag queens that flanked the showcased products at the collection’s launch party.

Pieces from the Nouveau Rebel collection can be seen in new Soho restaurant and cocktail bar, Old Tom and English and are available through

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