‘LAX/LHR’ – a co-curated group show from ThinkSpace LA & StolenSpace

ThinkSpace LA and StolenSpace Gallery bring you this co-curated group show featuring a diverse range of artworks composed on materials such as canvas, linen, wood panel, skateboards, china and even vintage stamp sets using an equally extensive array of mixed media including acrylic, graphite, oil, spray paint and even metal sculpture from over one-hundred incredible artists.

Opening Reception is tomorrow night, Thursday September 3rd from 6-9 pm. A buyer’s guide can be requested, and having seen it myself the standout pieces for me come from Adam Caldwell, Audrey Kawasaki, Curtis Kulig, Ken Flewellyn, Kevin Peterson, Paul Stephenson, Mike Egan, Ronzo and a special mention for the Hip Hop Legends piece by Ryan Callanan below.

This exhibition runs September 4th – October 4th, I for one hope this is the first of many from LA to London co-curated shows. A full list of the artists can be found via the StolenSpace website HERE.



hip hop legends

Glow in the dark resin, laser cut silkscreen printed card. Edition of 12 (Numbers: 1 – 6 available) 30 x 30 cm

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