“We got all of our information through Thrasher Magazine. The graphics, tricks and music were right there in the mag. We soaked it in like a sponge.” Dennis McNett


There was a time when I had an allegiance to a brand that was “Off The Wall”, however since the corporate takeover and wave after wave of mainstream, heavily diluted, uninspiring designs my love dwindled. Not even their artist collaborations could keep my interest from waning, bar their continued relationship with Taka Hayashi and the Ice-T Syndicate capsule, nothing has moved me for years now.

Over the past few months I was introduced to another California based skate brand, who seem to be doing everything I loved previously by continuing to showcase original designs and highly evocative work with artists under the Rights Refused umbrella. The latest example being the KR3W collaboration with artist and sculptor Dennis McNett for a capsule collection reminiscent of the 80’s skate and punk rock scene. Based on bold 80’s board graphics, Mcnett has created a collection of unique designs featured on KR3W basics, paying homage to the forefathers of the underground. No gimmicks, just raw skateboarding.

McNett’s works across a number of mediums from prints, masks and wood carvings through to vast sculptures and installations. The latter skills possibly influenced and acquired by his many years working in construction. You can view his work online at Wolfbat Studios.

For the record I have never been able to skate, and my interest in skateboarding goes no further than the artwork and music associated with it. I am aware there are teams and a lifestyle that goes with skateboarding but I’ve never gotten more involved, apart from a handful of events back in the day where my part was just an observer. Brands like KR3W allow those like myself to appreciate the ethos without experiencing the broken limbs and blood loss, of which I and my old bones are grateful.

The collection is available via the KR3W online store, though they are currently only shipping to US residents, and select retailers Worldwide. Enjoy the video below via KR3W Denim.



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