Know-Wave Radio



Know-Wave is one of the top ten things on the internet, seriously. You’re unlikely to find a more eclectic mix of both people and music under a single banner. Aaron Bondaroff’s unique ability to gather groups of creatives – much like OHWOW, the gallery from which Know-Wave derived – is clearly evident in this often brilliant radio station. Occasionally, you’ll tune in to and be met with complete silence, other times you’re greeted with the musings of Mister Mort. From Rat King’s youthful motley crew and their mix Dipset and trap to the Skatewise free for all which Alex Olson attempts to chair, the station brings both youthful exuberance, but also genuine quality and insight. Personally, Michael Kopelman and Fraser Cooke’s shows – streamed live from the Gimme 5 offices in London – are a particular highlight and a continual source of new old music.

Free from any commercials or self promotion, and with an unyielding emphasis on doing something a bit left field, Know-Wave seamlessly combines some of the best aspects of contemporary youth culture and balances it with a slew of OGs like Glenn O’Brien and the Downtown Don himself. If you miss a show, their new website has them all archived, which is also excellent news for European listeners.

Listen here.

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