Kinlaw & Skyler – Skyler & Kinlaw


Ask me to write 500 words on a single jacket? No problem. But 150 on an album? Struggling. So, I’ll keep it short – this album is fucking excellent. Kinlaw & Skyler’s self-titled LP flits across genres, with each track sounding distinctly different from the last, yet tying together as a cohesive body of work. There seems to be an intrinsic understanding of the nuances of each facet of electronic music which they dip into on this 40 minute journey that spans across everything from trap to nostalgia-tinged drum & bass. Shouts to Gasius for introducing this to me – an album so good that I actually had to interrupt our interview to ask what it was (more on that interview next week). Trust me, it’s worth the £6 they’re asking for on Bandcamp, particularly when it’s supporting creative independents.



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