Streets Of Beige presents “KILL YOUR SHELF” at Beach London

Words by Bossman75

There are some things that I stumble across that are at first glance strange, and yet undeniably intriguing. Just a few minutes research proves that the popularity of ‘bootleg toys’ is not only growing, but the creative possibilities seem to be endless. For example the mashing up of action figures like Bart Simpson and the TMNT or Mr T with a T-Rex, to special editions of musicians like A Trak, Action Bronson and Run The Jewels.

Last month thirty different artists were tasked to create a figure that ‘would destroy every other toy around it’ and present them at ToyCon UK. Fortunately Beach London have teamed up with Streets Of Beige to display the handmade toys for those of us who didn’t attend the festival. I have to admit to finding this exhibition entirely fascinating, but with all things collectable and arty, much is down to personal taste. Stand out pieces for me are ‘LONDON BLACK TAXI CRAB’ BY BOB MOTOWN, ‘NECRO GOAT’ BY FRENCH, ‘SPIDER MANDEM’ BY RICHT, ‘TEENAGE ORKO & FRIEND’ BY ERMSY, MALIBU MUTANT BARBIE’ BY RUSSELL TAYSOM and ‘CAPTAIN CLUCK’ IAIN MACARTHUR. Also for die hard Simpsons fans, to accompany her November 2009 spread in Playboy, you can get ‘MARGE SIMPSON’ BY FELIX ALTREUS seen below.

Obviously being one of a kind many of these have sold already, but you can check on the Streets Of Beige store HERE for remaining availability. The guys at Beach London throw great openings and with the weather expected to be nice, this is set to be another winner. The show opens from 6-9pm tomorrow, with drinks supplied by the delicious new Cotswold Cider Company, and runs until the 24th May.

FelixAltreus_Marge_01_650 FelixAltreus_Marge_02_650



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