JOYRICH X FILA collection

Words by Bossman75

Things we once coveted in our youth, particularly with regards to fashion and despite sentimental value, in hindsight tend to not warrant a return. A good personal example of this was the Footpatrol x Fila Trailblazer release in 2012. I remember the original hiking boot fondly however on inspection, despite their obvious superior construction and meticulous attention to detail, this boot really wasn’t all that desirable let alone wearable. However in a interesting move Fila have now collaborated with JOYRICH whose interpretation of past, present, and future is used to inject Fila’s iconic sportswear heritage with “retro-future” flair. Whilst common for brands to return to their past collections for inspiration, often the statement originally made is lost in translation. Not so with this bold collection that stays true to Fila’s sportswear tradition, but is enhanced with the street esthetic that JOYRICH is known for.

The archival approach to the collection comprising of tracksuits, tees, hoodies, wind-breakers, bucket-hats and of course, the classic F- 13 sneaker model, and JOYRICH’s desire to remain true to the brand make this one of the better collaborations I have seen to date. It’s completely outrageous in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air way with a light zebra pattern throughout. Having not witnessed any part of this collection in the flesh I cannot comment on quality, fit or materials, though despite everything I’ve said I’d accept 90s quality if it was the only way to achieve this level of authenticity. JOYRICH offer Worldwide shipping and you can check the details of the JOYRICH x FILA collection via their online boutique HERE.

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