Introducing: The New Dealers


Words by Calum Gordon

Streetwear is wonderfully democratic – anyone can do it. Yes, even you. You too can start your own brand with little initial expenditure. That’s the beauty of the graphic t-shirt – something at the very core of this fashion niche – it’s relatively inexpensive yet, if executed correctly, it can make an incredibly powerful statement. The problem is, most new start-up brands understand the former but not the latter, making the likes of me – who has an inbox full to the brim of new, badly-conceived brands asking for a feature – somewhat cynical about any new venture. However, every so often a new kid on the block will appear to remind you that it’s not all shitty logo flips on poor-quality blanks. Right now, The New Dealers are those guys.


Started at the tail end of last year, The New Dealers draws inspiration from Depression Era America, drawing parallels between the population-scattering effects of that time –where you would move to wherever there was work – and 2015’s generation of young creative, forever scraping by while they chase their elusive big break. It makes sense and provides a much more thought-provoking commentary than the empty “youth will always win” rhetoric that has swept across fashion twitter. That’s not to say that the brand is entirely somber, but there’s an honesty to it that’s so often lacking today, as brands continually portray a lifestyle totally devoid of reality.


While The New Dealers is still in its infancy – something they readily acknowledge – they appear to have the foundations of something a bit less flash in the pan, and a bit more real. View more here.

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