Introducing London Based Streetwear Brand Kutula For AW15

Can we all take a minute to appreciate how good this lookbook is? Like, a streetwear brand using actually decent photography – and not some over-exposed 35mm, council estate, pseudo-gritty bollocks – that pleases me. Shouts to Dean Martindale for applying his artistic vision to this, and Lily Bridger for being generally <flame emoji/>. But back to the brand… KUTULA meaning ‘peace’ in a Zulu dialect was inspired by designer Jimi Herrtage’s trip to South Africa earlier this year. Herrtage’s vision is to create a platform for collaboration with undiscovered creative communities and cultures across the globe. The result is some pretty clean, monochromatic sportswear and an indication that there’s good things to come from the unisex label.

Check out more here.

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