Introducing: Brick, The Magazine

Hip Hop culture is a subject close to my heart, despite being a white kid from suburban Scotland – although, white suburbia pretty much the main Rap demographic these days. I even spent much of my final year at University penning 15,000 words on why this culture is so important to America. And so, it’s great to see that its contemporary form is being celebrated through thoughtful analysis and quality photography. The inaugural issue of Brick aims to do that; avoiding cliched nostalgia in favour of modern-day creativity. As the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$ (who is featured in the issue) and Odd Future bring a newfound vibrancy to Hip Hop culture, a niche has appeared for a magazine to document this properly, thoroughly and insightfully. I’m hoping Brick fills that niche. Pick up a copy from their website.

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