Indigo Farm Patchwork Jacket


Much like ourselves, Garbstore’s website has been given a complete facelift recently and looks all the better for it. The product, as ever, remains some of the best on off from British brands, continuing to fuse elements of vintage design with modern nuances in a manner few brands can emulate. For me, Garbstore has always had a Japanese feel to it – owing to its attention to detail and fabric, but also its ability to innovate within a very confined niche. In Indigo Farm – a denim specialist company produces in Hong Kong and Japan – they have expanded on this idea by enlisting their production know-how. Drawing influences from traditional Japanese textiles, the wealth of knowledge at Indigo Farm and their own aesthetic leanings, Garbstore have designed a line which doesn’t deviate too much from their mainline but has a much greater Far Eastern influence.

This boro-style patchwork jacket is a perfect example of such an ability to take a familiar product – in this case, a classic French blue work jacket – and elevate it to something far more exclusive and desirable. The jacket itself is reminiscent of the recent Junya Watanabe offering in Paris, which also drew inspiration from the ancient Japanese patchwork style. Each hue of blue and texture works perfectly in what is the standout piece of a very solid collection.

View it here.

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