INDCSN Autumn Winter ’14 “Fancy Goods” Collection

As anyone who has bothered to read my posts for the last two years will know, I’m a huge fan of UK streetwear. For me, the scene has an almost tangible sense of both authenticity and creativity, which is in stark contrast to things across the pond – where those who propagated the All Black Everything look for so long have now gravitated towards Raf Simons aesthetic minus any conceptual depth. Many would correctly point out that authenticity is a subjective yardstick to judge either a brand or scene by, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this.

INDCSN, in my opinion, are not only authentic but totally devoid of any bullshit or superfluous marketing. Instead, they choose to focus on quality product that is steeped in a culture of hardcore music which translates well fantastically well onto cotton. “Fancy Goods” – INDCSN’s Autumn Winter ’14 collection – is not only refreshing because it’s streetwear that actually looks like streetwear – and not some pseudo avant-garde fashion nonsense – but also because it draws from ideas and subcultures from outside of what has, somewhat unfortunately, become the norm. It feels and looks natural to INDCSN and that’s why I’m on board with it.

Modelled here Joey Bayes of UK hardcore band More Than Life, Fancy Goods is now available from the brand’s online store.

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