The Human Made AW14 Look Book is out and I can finally highlight the HM8-C-001 PW SWEAT. If anyone has earned having his caricature on a sweatshirt it’s Pharrell, and having him wearing the Vivienne Westwood hat captures his prominence in pop culture at this time. Disagree all you want, if I had the bones I would buy this without hesitation. Nigo and Pharrell have long helped each other in their personal and business endeavours. This is a complimentary tip of the Mountain hat from one friend to another. The quality of the sweatshirt itself shouldn’t be overlooked. Human Made understand classic and contemporary styling as shown with it’s oversized V-stitch at the yoke and more than adequate cuffs and hem. Cuffs and hem make or break a sweatshirt for me, and all too often brands get this so very wrong. The HM8-C-001 PW SWEAT is both military and sportswear inspired, finished with the Human Made label on the hem as it is commonly found. Available in grey and blue, the blue offering a great alternative colour option for Autumn. You can get the HM8-C-001 PW SWEAT directly from Human Made online HERE.

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