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I can remember a very short period in the early 90s when diamond socks were popular, especially when worn with pin rolled jeans and a pair of Air Max. Fast forward to 2014 we have officially coined phrases such as sock hustle and sock game. This won’t be news to many of you but still sounds a bit crazy to me. The reality is over the past couple of years more people are seeking quality branded socks and flaunting them under selvedge denim roll ups. I have friends in the USA, Japan and London who could wax lyrical about the necessity of and proper way to wear a pair of socks. Forerunners in the streetwear market are the likes of Stance, Chup and HUF so in light of this I’ve been working my socks off to get an interview with emerging Dutch brand Heroes On Socks or HOS for short. HOS is a small label of innovative socks and yarns, based on traditional weaving techniques. All garments are made in Italy and authentically manufactured by the finest artisans. The name comes from an old Dutch saying – ‘’een held op sokken’’ meaning someone who appears to be a hero, but in reality he is anything but. Understandably the guys have been busy with the Fall/Winter ’14 collection, as well as getting their stockinged feet into some analogous bricks and mortar stores. Fortunately I was able to get hold of the HOS founder via email to drop knowledge and give us an insight into the world of socks.


What’s the ideal shoe to wear over a pair of HOS?

To be honest with you we don’t think there is an ideal shoe for HOS. Of course we have our favorite pairs such as a proper Chelsea boot or a classic Derby gentleman shoe. We think our socks are designed for every type of shoe and for every type of customer that understands and feel our products.

Where did the logo come from?

The logo is designed by Darrin Umboh*, Darrin is the head designer for HOS he also developed the design for Dolls on Socks. The HOS logo is a Panda which represents strength and linked to this it stands for quality, fused up with a skull, because we like skulls and we think this element is cool to use.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges of being a new and upcoming brand?

We experienced some challenges but we have to say up till now we are doing pretty much ok! We have realized a strong distribution policy in the Dutch market (70 until 80 lifestyle stores) and the sell through is strong and solid!  To be honest we are a very small business so we experience that every day is a challenge and thats a good thing.

How much do trend and seasonality affect the HOS collections?

As a label it is important to follow the latest trends (fashion trends, street trends ,sartorial trends, etc). In recent years much has changed and in a certain way you have to react on particular movements in the market. The most important thing is to stay true with your DNA and ideals and try to improve these elements every season.

When can we buy directly from your website?

As our business expands very progressively we unfortunately are delayed with our webshop! Half November we expect that our new webshop will be live so our customers can order directly through our brand new webshop.

Besides socks, what else are you guys into personally?

Uhhm working 24/7 :-)

Are there other local brands you guys are fans of?

We do not have one particular brand we follow or love the most. We try to stay with our own identity and interests. Its hard to describe what our DNA is, we think that HOS is more in a range of street-boutique. We adore quality products with a street approach and attitude. For DOS it is pretty much the same we are street but then with a cosmopolitan touch.

Are you looking to be in any UK retailers in the near future?

YES! We are looking for partners in the UK. We are searching for distributors and agencies for the UK market to make a start for the SS15 & FW15 HOS & DOS. And of course new stores are always welcome :-)


Not content with just catering for men, the guys have created Dolls On Socks for the fairer sex which are also available now through select stores. Heroes on Socks have a very strong social media presence with outstanding photography, and an ever growing fan base. Visit their website HERE for a video teaser and further info. If you can’t wait for the website to go live, you can purchase the Fall Winter 14 collection from VIF Jeans and Six And Sons.

*Darrin Umboh (below) is founding member of the Rotterdam-based LEYP collective and known for the illustration work he did for a range of brands (Heineken, Adidas, MTV etc.). He also gained quite a reputation for his work as a ’sneaker customizer’. His illustration style is character based, influenced by fashion, music and reading comics as a teenager. Check out Darrin’s work via the Shop Around website HERE.


Darrin Umboh


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