Good Measure Go Down The Dogs

There are few emerging brands in the modern marketplace who fail to present themselves as a “lifestyle” brand, each one wishing to distinguish themselves and create an entire aesthetic that consumers can buy into. Thus, there is something inherently charming about Good Measure, the English-based sweatshirt brand, in their unwavering focus towards their output. Conceived with one idea in mind; to create the “perfect” sweatshirt, Good Measure has cut through much of the industry bullshit and presented a simple, authentic vision. They are the antithesis to “fashion” brands and yet, ironically, they have the basis of a brand which many will gladly buy into. Here, we see their recent editorial which, again, is honest, relatable and markedly different to the majority of their peers. There is a considerable British market for quality, considered product – largely stemming from the nation’s history of sartorial subcultures – but few are capable of engaging with this enclave without bad terrace cliches. Good Measure, thankfully, are one of the exceptions.

Photography by Percy Dean 

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  1. Angela Turkington says:

    Good Measure give good sweatshirt. Done.

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