FUCT at Goodhood

Seminal subversive, Fuct, has just landed at London’s Goodhood store with an array of classic prints on blank cotton canvases. It will only take a brief skim of last year’s Rizzoli-published book to realise that Fuct is a brand which transcends what one would regard as a graphic-led streetwear label. Quite simply, FUCT is vehicle for art, and when their graphics are contextualised it is easy to see why they have been described as the vanguard for contemporary American counter-culture. Context is important here because what might seem like an anodyne Goodfellas screenprint, to a modern-day consumer, was what paved the way for pretty much every pop-culture referencing tee that adorns the rails of your local Urban Outfitters. Printed in 1992, Fuct’s Goodfellas tee is recognised as the first film still to adorn a piece of clothing. What is now ubiquitous, was once revolutionary in terms of communicating a message through recognisable references. Similarly, the Jawz tee – which is sadly sold out already – draws from its namesake movie. The muse for the graphic was the girlfriend of one of Brunetti’s friend, whilst the breasts were apparently appropriated from a magazine. As a piece of art, it’s pretty special, yet it is rooted in contemporary culture – the context of the work itself almost needs no explanation. The original artwork for the piece was stolen from the X-fuct offices – a short term retail venture between Fuct and Mike D’s X-Large – and has never been recovered since.

While there’s little left on Goodhood of these 90’s reprints, there’s still a host of good shit to choose from. The Bleach long sleeve, which takes inspiration from the cover of Nirvana’s debut studio album, manages to do sleeve prints tastefully and the OG logo tee is an undeniable classic.

Browse the collection here.

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