Footprints: A Walk Through Five Decades of Style and Subculture

Every so often an item of clothing will become synonymous with a certain subculture, acting as a cultural identifier or short-hand signified for a specific sub-section of society. To do so is no mean feat and is something that no amount of marketing or hashtag-leg twitter campaigns can achieve, because invariably there is an authentic – often utilitarian – aspect which leads to a product being adopted by a niche group. The Doc Marten, for example, is so intertwined in the fabric of the skinhead subculture that it has become a mainstream media synonym. To permeate a variety of often tribal subcultures, however, takes something special – not to mention a huge slice of unidentifiable luck. Kickers have been fortunate enough to have their iconic Kick Hi style adopted by a variety of different youth movements; each for differing reasons but united in an appreciation of the shoe’s familiar yet unique aesthetic.

In collaboration with Jocks & Nerds Magazine, Kickers explored the different British subcultures which have championed their most famous style. Watch the resulting videos below.

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