F*** You Atmos


Words by Sam Arojo

It’s as funny as it is sad that I’ve penned a piece expressing the importance of all white kicks followed by piece criticising an all white pair in the same week. However, this textbook case of laziness, lack of imagination and all round piss taking can’t be ignored.

Reebok’s Insta Pump Fury is a shoe you should be familiar with, its segmented design uses a cushioning system to provide a snug and unique fit. Innovative upon its release and still a head turner today. The model turned 20 last year and as you would expect Reebok celebrated its birthday by throwing out a slew of colourways and limited editions.

Some of the collaborations were amazing, some were just great but these are crap. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Insta Pump Fury but these just won’t do. Such an eccentric design deserves to be complimented by captivating colours, unorthodox materials but most importantly clear purpose. With these we’re left wanting in all those departments.

This triple white pair comes to us courtesy of RBK teaming up with Atmos and when you look at 99% of Atmos’ past collabs this is just lazy. Where’s the concept behind the design? What’s the reason behind putting these out? What do they represent? What idea sparked this aesthetic? I’m willing to bet money the answer is nothing four times.

It’s not like we haven’t had white Pump Fury’s before, notable mentions include last year’s Stars & Stripes (which Atmos did), the White Snake pair (which Atmos also did) and even this year’s Year of The Sheep (which Atmos had nothing to do with) so it’s not like we can’t have a creative white Pump Fury.

The Japanese boutique have a long history of inventive and often ingenius models but did Reebok really need them to create a shoe which is essentially a blank canvas? This piss take reaches Nike levels when you realise these cost ONE HUNDRED AND FIDDY FIVE POUNDS. A price more appropriate to Atmos’ former work. These aren’t even affordable enough to be summer whites (unless you Puffy of course).

So as I type these final words while slowly shaking my head like a parent who isn’t angry just disappointed, I say shame on you Atmos and shame on you Reebok, shame on you.

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