Ebbets Field Flannels – Great Lakes

Words by Bossman75

I’ve got nothing but admiration for Jerry Cohen and his team at Ebbets Field Flannels. The passion for what they do and the authenticity of their pieces make for consistently outstanding items. I’m always eager to see what’s new from them knowing something of the research and background that goes into their production. Following the opening of the ‘a number of names*’ store in Soho, I figured I’d check out their webstore and went straight to Ebbets. You won’t find scores of options when searching for Ebbets but you will get purposefully hand picked pieces, capsule lead rather than seasonal, with more of an ‘as and when’ attitude. Stand out for me are the Great Lakes Ground Crew jacket and Great Lakes Naval Team t-shirt. With felt chest emblem and lettering on the back, in customary U.S.N. colours the jacket is a quality replica, the likes of which you won’t see much outside of North Chicago. The t-shirt is a great daily option and not too dissimilar to the PT shirts seen on the recruits at NAVSTA.

If you want mass produced team branded apparel there are a multitude of brands offering just that. If you want something to treasure you will buy Ebbets. Check out the webstore here or better yet visit the newly opened, former A Bathing Ape (and Billionaire Boys Club pop-up) store, at 4 Upper James Street, London W1F 9DG.


L.T. Smash and the Party Posse say YVAN EHT NIOJ

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  1. Kara Barnes says:

    Dear Bossman75,

    Thank you so much for the review.
    We spend everyday researching and sorting out the sometimes very hard details of our pieces. We like to think of ourselves as preserving a bit of history, and are glad that people like you do too.

    Your Friends at Ebbets Field Flannels

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